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How do we heal? What do we mean by health and disease? Such concepts seem obvious, but many of our assumptions are only one "take" on reality, learned from our culture. Through exposure to other ways of looking at things, we expand our possibilities for growth and, in this case, healing.

The "medical model", with which we are so familiar in modern society, is used for both physical and psychological problems. It is the ultimate "fix it" approach. Conceptualizing our minds and bodies as similar to machines, we (1) diagnose the problem area, then (2) treat or repair the "glitch" or defective part.

In contrast, spiritual models are presented. The "inner light" model assumes a vital, unique "healing" essence within. Problems or disorder are assumed to occur in the masking or strangling of this essence through conditioning and false beliefs about the world. If uncovered, nurtured, and allowed to be a guiding force, this inner essence or "light" is believed to transform all aspects of our lives. There is also the "transcendence model" in which we transform the negative into an opportunity for positive growth. The strengths and limitations of all models are explored.

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Title Name: Spiritual vs. Medical Models of Healing
Length: 42:56
Language: English
Title ID: 1717874
UPC: 883629514499
ISBN-10: 1933816082
ISBN-13: 978-1933816081
Release Date: 2008 (original release: 1999)
Written & Narrated by Judy Marshall, Ph.D.
Mixed/Mastered by Paul Moser, PMIII Productions []
Photography/Production by JF Ferraro
Publisher: Psychmaster
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