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In modern life, we are ill-informed about mental health and illness, although we are fairly well-informed about physical health and illness. There is also an "all-or-nothing" stigma regarding psychological variation and problems. The assumption is either you are "normal" or you're not.

How this stigma and ignorance affects our lives is discussed. Ignorance breeds fear, denial, and more ignorance. Cultural misinformation and stereotypes are reinforced through the media. In an effort to prove to ourselves and others that we are "normal," we tend not to explore or share inner urges and feelings or take risks. We "straightjacket" our lives into socially acceptable patterns at the expense of growth and self-expression.

When confronted with psychological problems, we suffer in silence and alone. Frightened, we feel ashamed and damaged, and may not seek the support and guidance that we need. When dealing with chronic psychological issues or disorder, the person assumes a "sick" or "defective" identity, causing even greater suffering. Some thoughts towards an attitude shift are presented.

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Title Name: The Stigma of Mental Illness
Length: 51:49
Language: English
Title ID: 1717892
UPC: 883629514734
ISBN-10: 1933816031
ISBN-13: 978-1933816036
Release Date: 2008 (original release: 1999)
Written & Narrated by Judy Marshall, Ph.D.
Mixed/Mastered by Paul Moser, PMIII Productions []
Photography/Production by JF Ferraro
Publisher: Psychmaster
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