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Depression exists at various levels of severity. There are also numerous factors that can contribute to the development of depression. In fact, you can have the same symptoms in two people, but the causes are different in each case.

Biological versus "reactive" depression is discussed. In "reactive" depression, there is a clear external event or situation that causes the depression, such as loss or change or adjustment to a physical injury. Biological depression seems to come out of nowhere, is often recurrent, and raises the question of predisposition, chemical imbalance, and genetics.

The psychological meaning of depression is explored. Depression is associated with loss, helplessness, internalization of feelings, anger turned inward, negative mindset, distorted perceptions, emotional depletion, and internal emptiness. The possibility of an adaptive purpose in depression is also raised.

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Title Name: Why Do We Get Depressed?
Length: 40:34
Language: English
Title ID: 1717902
UPC: 883629514796
ISBN-10: 193381604X
ISBN-13: 978-1933816043
Release Date: 2008 (original release: 1999)
Written & Narrated by Judy Marshall, Ph.D.
Mixed/Mastered by Paul Moser, PMIII Productions []
Photography/Production by JF Ferraro
Publisher: Psychmaster
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