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For most American adults, the period from Thanksgiving through New Year's is a difficult time. Many of us experience some degree of distress - from tension and irritability to sadness and depression, at times painful and severe.

The most central issue in "holiday blues" is our internal expectations of what should be, but is not. This often revolves around family and relationships. Being along during the holidays can be devastating. Paradoxically, being with family can also result in intense crisis, even feelings of aloneness, as the holidays can bring out the worst in dysfunctional family patterns. What are the unique problems associated with these contrasting situations? What are practical, coping strategies for dealing with them? Particularly painful events, such as the first holiday after the death of a loved one, are also addressed.

The perspective is taken that there is a deeply psychological and spiritual meaning of the holiday season in our lives, which is often overlooked. The holidays are a time of personal journey, re-assessment and affirmation of meaning. It is shown how this is the spiritual time of the year for everyone - whatever that means or does not mean to us. Also discussed is how - to the degree that we have spiritual feelings - not religious, but that uniquely personal spiritual understanding - this can help in coping with and making the most out of this time of year.

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Title Name: Holiday Blues
Length: 60:02
Language: English
Title ID: 1717907
UPC: 883629514819
ISBN-10: 1933816066
ISBN-13: 978-1933816067
Release Date: 2008 (original release: 1999)
Written & Narrated by Judy Marshall, Ph.D.
Mixed/Mastered by Paul Moser, PMIII Productions []
Photography/Production by JF Ferraro
Publisher: Psychmaster
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