This site is owned and operated by Psychmaster Psychological Services, Inc. (Psychmaster, Us, We) Your privacy on the Internet is of the utmost importance to us. At Psychmaster, we want to make your experience online educational, entertaining, and safe.

Because we may gather certain types of information about our users, we feel you should fully understand our policy and the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses what information is gathered and how it is used.

Currently, we do not engage in direct financial transactions on this website/webserver, instead choosing to sell our products through outside third-party retailers/services. We do not collect personally identifiable information as a condition of using our site. Exceptions would exist when a visitor sends us an unsolicited and voluntary letter/email/contact form submission. We do use social media and affiliate links to our retailers. We are not sponsored/underwritten by any outside parties/entities. We do not currently have any regular email newsletters, forums, etc., and therefore do not solicit any of your information for such features - with the exception of onetime product notification mailings that a visitor voluntarily requests if we provide a form. We do not store any sensitive information on this server. We loathe spam and do not engage in, nor condone its transmission. For a list of outside third-party affiliations/systems/features we do use, and links to their separate privacy policies, please see the end of this document.

SHARING OF THE INFORMATION gathers three (3) types of information about users:

  1. Information that users/visitors provide through optional, unsolicited, voluntary submissions of email/contact form.
  2. Information Psychmaster gathers through aggregated tracking information (log files) derived mainly by tallying page views throughout our sites which is common on every website and throughout the network of computers that comprise the internet.
  3. Information also collected by natural course of standard webserver operation, are such instances as your IP (Internet Protocol) address, country, type of browser+plugins, referring page(s), etc. This information allows us to better tailor our content to visitors needs, and better understand the demographics of our audience.

Psychmaster does not knowingly divulge any information about an individual user to any outside party (other than third-party services we use to run the website), with the exception being any attempt to breach and disrupt the operation and security of this website/webserver. This information will be forwarded to the proper legal authorities. We will not disclose any information about any individual user except to comply with applicable law or valid legal process or to protect the personal safety of us, our users/visitors, or the public.


Consistent with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, 15 U.S.C. 6501–6505 ("COPPA"), we will never knowingly request personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13 without requesting parental consent. Additionally, Psychmaster materials are neither intended for, targeted to, nor marketed to person(s) aged (13) thirteen or under. Person(s) aged (13) thirteen to (18) eighteen years of age require parental supervision (see Terms of Use).


We don't use them, but our third-party affiliates/partners and retailers do in most, if not all, cases. Please check their respective privacy policy (see links below) for further information. Currently, we do not support Do Not Track or “DNT.” DNT is a preference you set in your web browser to tell visited websites you do not want to be tracked. You can enable or disable DNT through the preferences or settings of your web browser.


Psychmaster publishes links to other websites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such other sites. When you leave Psychmaster, we encourage you to carefully read the privacy policy of any web site you visit that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected by Psychmaster.


Psychmaster is located in the USA, as are our website & webserver. If you visit the site from another country, please be aware that information you provide to us or that we obtain as a result of your use of the site may be processed in and transferred to the United States and will be subject to U.S. law. U.S. privacy and data protection laws may not be the equivalent to the laws in your country of residence.


By using this site, you consent to the collection and use of this information by Psychmaster. Psychmaster reserves the right to change this policy at any time by notifying users of the existence of a new privacy statement located on this page. This statement and the policies outlined herein are not intended to and do not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party. Please refer back to this page in the future, for any updated privacy policy announcements and/or changes.

We hope that this helps to explain matters of privacy and thank you for visiting

Last updated: December 26, 2018.

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